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How today creates a better tomorrow?

At DATA CASTLE, we face today's complex challenges with clear objectives. With a commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and ethical business practices, we balance ESG aspects and the digitalization.

Environmental – Umwelt

We help reduce our environmental footprint through a variety of environmental initiatives and practices.

Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources

Our data centers use state-of-the-art technologies to maximize energy efficiency. We achieve this by, among other things, optimizing the design of cooling and power distribution systems, using efficient hardware, and the intelligently controlling of cooling and power supply systems. In addition, our data centers exclusively use electricity from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar or hydroelectric power, which significantly reduces the CO2 footprint.

Waste heat utilization

Another important aspect of data center energy efficiency is the effective use of waste heat generated during data center cooling. We support local energy companies at our data center sites, which use this heat to heat school buildings, residential buildings, office buildings or for heating systems in the surrounding area. This massively reduces the need for additional energy for heating.

Sustainable building and infrastructure designs

We implement sustainable building practices and materials when constructing our data centers. This includes energy-saving building insulation, the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable building materials (cradle to cradle) and the reduction of water consumption and -waste. An environmentally conscious supply chain helps minimize environmental impact throughout the equipment life cycle. Evidence of our commitment to sustainability includes our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification program award.

Recycling and waste minimization

We place great emphasis on reducing waste and promoting recycling. To this end, we have defined a series of measures for the disposal and reuse of electronic scrap, packaging materials and other waste.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring as well as transparency of operations is a high priority for us. By continuously monitoring the energy consumption of the individual areas in the data center and other environmental aspects, we can identify potential areas for improvement and take measures to further reduce our environmental footprint.

Social – Soziales

Social aspects play a central role in our entrepreneurial activities. We contribute positively in many ways to take these into account.

Workplace quality and diversity

We create an inclusive work environment that promotes diversity and equal opportunity. This includes hiring employees of different genders, ethnicities and backgrounds, and creating opportunities for professional development and training. By fostering a positive workplace culture, we embrace our social responsibility.

Fairness and labor rights

We are committed to fair labor practices and labor rights, thereby contributing to social fairness. This includes compliance with working time regulations, fair wages and benefits and appropriate working conditions.

Education and training

Our company operates various professional education and training initiatives for its employees. This includes, among other things, continuing education programs, certifications and training for technology experts. This not only promotes employees' career development, but also strengthens their skills and knowledge.

Safety and data privacy

It is in the nature of things that safety and data privacy have a very high priority for a data center operator. In order to protect the sensitive data of our customers, very strict security measures and corresponding data protection protocols are implemented. Of course, this is done according to recognized certifications. With the same attention we ensure the privacy and security of our employees.

Customer satisfaction and support

Satisfied customers are an important social factor that also strengthens the reputation of our company. We take specific care of our customers' needs - from the first time they contact us. Excellent customer service, effective communication and a willingness to cooperate on individual requirements are what set us apart.

Crisis management and continuity

As a responsible data center operator, we are prepared for crisis situations and can guarantee the continuity of our services. This includes, among other things, the provision of disaster recovery plans, emergency teams and fast response times in the event of disruptions. Through such measures, we demonstrate social responsibility by supporting customers and users in times of need.

Governance – Unternehmensführung

Through a strong governance framework, we underline our accountability as a data center operator and offer our customers certainty - also with regard to the integrity and protection of their data.

Transparent business practices

We are committed to transparent business practices. This includes, among other things, the disclosure of financial information and corporate governance principles.

Independent supervisory bodies

Independent oversight bodies, in close consultation with the Board of Directors, guide our operations. These bodies are responsible for protecting the interests of stakeholders and ensuring that our company is run ethically and in accordance with the law.

Compliance and Lawfulness

We promote ethical and law-abiding practices. This includes data protection laws, environmental regulations and labor law.

Ethics and corporate values

Our corporate values define ethical principles that also serve as a guide for employee behavior and a forward-looking corporate culture.

Sustainable supply chain and supplier relationships

We emphasize sustainability efforts throughout the value chain. This includes selecting suppliers that also support strong ESG values and ethical business practices.


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