What brings vision to life?

Perfect service, relentless innovation and dedicated collaboration: that's how we turn visions into reality. At DATA CASTLE, we are constantly developing new solutions, continuously optimizing our processes, minimizing environmental impact and standing for first-class service. We are a dynamic team, always looking for new ways for our customers to fulfill our central role in the digital world.

Let’s make tech human.

One thing is certain: Technology is only ever as good as the people who develop it. That’s why we have the very best players in our team. Our data centers stand for innovative and reliable high-tech that is constantly optimizing availability, security and energy efficiency. But a crucial factor in our excellent customer service is our staff, who use this every day to create new opportunities for you.

Wherever information technology is constantly becoming more sophisticated and can function more independently, the human touch becomes a competitive edge for our clients. We intuitively, empathetically and creatively use the very latest hardware and software to actively move you further along. A promise from person to person – that’s something no app, no cloud and no AI can give you.

Beyond storage: Your data, castled.

Everything for the future.

We’re thinking ahead of our time. We see innovation, sustainability and security as being the goal and the starting point for digital progress, and this guides what we do. As a green DC platform, we balance the three most important, correlating factors for our customers – energy efficiency, cost and availability. To do so, we find our own new paths, we are innovative, we develop solutions, and we actively offer them.

Greenovation, but secure: The reliability of pioneering, carbon-saving products is our top priority. The deliberate choice of location and structural quality of our data centers make a key contribution to this. With photovoltaics on the roofs and, moving forward, hydrogen-powered emergency power generators, we are also excellently prepared for all future challenges. State of the art, green, secure – typically Made in Germany.

Innovation. Sustainability. Security.

Joint Venture / Angelo Gordon.

About us.

DATA CASTLE is a joint venture between DCD Data Center Developers, a specialist developer for colocation and hyperscale data centers from Germany, and Angelo Gordon, a global investment company from the US. Together, we will become the leading green data center platform in Germany. To do so, our company headquartered in Munich develops, plans, builds and operates energy-efficient and highly available data centers at central German locations. Thanks to our team of experienced experts, we offer customized colocation solutions for corporate clients and hyperscalers alike.


Join our future.

We are always on track for growth and happy to meet with tech experts looking for a common future. Let us know if you would like to join our team!


Ready to go!

DATA CASTLE is the digital home for business pioneers. We look forward to hearing from you.