Company / Vision

How to keep the cloud clean?

Our vision at DATA CASTLE is to be a leading player in the European data center industry, providing innovative services in key locations across Europe. We strive to expand our performance in a focused way, applying the latest technologies in power supply to achieve significant advances in cost savings, efficiency and availability.

A loop of energy.

We see DATA CASTLE not only as a data center provider, but as a crucial element of the digital world and future energy supply. Our data centers are high-performance sites and pioneers of a sustainable energy source: We are proud to use waste heat as a valuable resource and to act as a supplier of clean energy.

High performance in every sense.

At DATA CASTLE, we firmly believe that combining excellence in the data center industry and the efficient use of resources leads to economic success and positive social and environmental effects. Our vision is to actively shape this future, taking a sustainable, intelligent and integrative approach.

Experts of the new.

Exploring and pushing the boundaries of what is possible drives our team every day. We are highly skilled tech experts and passionate developers who are always discovering new ways to optimize our customers' digital capabilities.


Ready to go!

DATA CASTLE is the digital home for business pioneers. We look forward to hearing from you.