How to assure your digital growth?

Our high-availability data centers bring everything you need to accelerate your digital growth.
We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies to keep your data protected and efficiently managed. "Your data, castled" is our motto and means much more than storage for you. Our data centers are impregnable fortresses that form the basis for your secure digital expansion. We support you with individual solutions for your specific requirements and combine reliability, scalability and connectivity.

Backup to the future.

Our offerings are designed for corporate clients, hyperscalers, and public institutions, with a focus on fulfilling the specific requirements of each customer segment to the fullest. We understand the importance of time-to-market, agility and flexibility in today's digital world and have aligned our services accordingly. With a perfect mix of reliability, performance, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we give you a clear competitive edge.

Corporate Clients

A robust IT infrastructure serves as the cornerstone of every successful business operation. As digitalization continues to surge, it generates billions of new data points that require storage and processing. Notably, topics like High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) further augment data volumes. In addition, these data demand rapid transmission, making latency times a critical concern. Furthermore, considerations such as data sovereignty, physical security, and modularity hold great significance for corporate clients. We take all of these aspects into careful consideration, crafting customized solutions and offering you dedicated points of contact. As industry experts and trusted partners for Critical Infrastructure (KRITIS) organizations, you can rely on us to provide the technical support you require. We also leverage our engineering expertise in the realms of ESG, sustainability, and heat recovery, aligning with the new Energy Efficiency Act.

Hyperscale Clients

Operating from two pivotal strategic hubs – Frankfurt (with a combined capacity of 25MVA) and Berlin (with a total capacity of 40MVA) – we stand as the ideal partner for hyperscalers requiring substantial infrastructure. Our offerings encompass secured land and power access, heat recovery solutions, and compliance with local regulations and standards. With a local team of experts boasting a strong international track record, we present a variety of flexible partnership models. Throughout our offerings, we consistently emphasize Build to Suit, scalability, modularity, and a commitment to upholding international standards like TÜV, DIN, and Tier.

Public facilities

Nationally, secure infrastructures are critically vital for safeguarding federal data and public institutions. A key prerequisite is upholding data sovereignty within the country's data centers. Substantial investments in Germany's digital infrastructure ensure lasting reliability. We custom tailor our solutions to precisely meet individual needs, whether it's establishing dedicated IT rooms, fire compartments, or delivering comprehensive operations and services. Importantly, we always operate in strict adherence to the most current and stringent standards, such as VK3 / TÜV / EN50600 / Tier 3. This, in essence, embodies our commitment to delivering German Engineering excellence for the public sector.


Customized DC housing from cage to suite: We offer high-availability solutions, individual scalability and the utmost reliability.

Tier 3

Our data centers guarantee a power supply of >99,999%, business continuity even during maintenance and a redundancy of greater than n+1 for 24/7 availability.


Always the right connections: We follow a carrier-neutral philosophy in our work and enable access to a broad network of local and global tier-1 and tier-2 top providers.


Our locations are certified according to EN 50600 and ISO 27001 for more protection. This way, we guarantee the pinnacle of data center infrastructure and technical security quality.


High-performance and efficiency: Our innovative cooling systems and concepts for waste heat utilization reduce energy consumption significantly and thus your costs as well.


Our data centers are carbon-neutral and run 100% on green power, capably combining innovation and sustainability.


Around the clock, personal, professional: From remote hands to support in area expansion, we are on hand to serve you at any time.


Ready to go!

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