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DATA CASTLE designs, plans, builds and operates energy efficient and highly available data centers

We are the Green Data Center, your trusted platform for secure server housing and colocation at prime locations across Germany.

Tailored precisely to meet the unique needs of our customers, our platform serves as an intelligent interface for hyperscalers, enterprises of all sizes, corporate clients, and public institutions. With a wealth of experience, unwavering reliability, a commitment to sustainability, and a drive for innovation, we empower and accelerate digital transformation. That's innovation for sure.

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Innovation for sure.


Let’s make tech human.

For us, technology is more than applied science. We see it as an opportunity to improve quality of life and take social responsibility. By protecting data and privacy, implementing sustainable environmental practices, and creating a work environment that focuses on the well-being of our team.


It’s about tomorrow.

We are a trailblazer of the digital future, and we are facing the challenges of our age. Greenovation is our approach for advancing progress and sustainability. We develop holistic concepts that protect resources, promote innovation and are absolutely secure.


Speeding up your business.

Our data centers combine everything that enhances your performance: time to market, energy efficiency, agility and flexibility, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and reliability – that’s quality made in Germany.


Frankfurt: at the heart of data.

The Frankfurt metropolitan region is one of the world’s leading data center locations and is well known for ultra-fast data transfer. Our Taunus location allows access to this unique infrastructure without being subject to the restrictions or the master plan of the city of Frankfurt. For maximum connectivity and maximum security.

The Planned Data Center by DATA CASTLE in Schwalbach near Frankfurt
The Planned Data Center by DATA CASTLE in Schwalbach near Frankfurt


Angelo Gordon Invests €500 Million in German Data Centers

IZ Immobilien Zeitung, October 31, 2023

DATA CASTLE, a strategic alliance between German data center developer DCD Data Center Developers and global US investment manager Angelo Gordon for Germany, is set to embark on the construction of two cutting-edge data centers near Frankfurt and in Berlin. Angelo Gordon is committing approximately half a billion euros to fuel the initial two project developments. [...]

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